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Work With Tara  

I’m so glad you are here! You may think about making changes to your diet, or lifestyle, to get healthy once and for all….and then nothing happens. You’re curious about natural solutions, but it seems like a foreign language. I’m here to cut through the confusion and make being healthy simple & fun!

With the right tools, you can radically improve your health and happiness without any drastic measures. I’m here to show you the tools you need for a lifetime of wellness.

I didn’t grow up with this stuff. I was eating Twinkies and watching TV for much for the 80s! No matter where you are at, there are natural solutions that are right for you!

Imagine knowing...

What to reach for the next time someone at your house gets a cold, without having to go to the pharmacy.

How to clean your house without buying cleaning products.

How to make a healthy breakfast in minutes or the best protein bar (that YOU make at home).

How to make over your medicine cabinet with solutions that are safer, cheaper and more effective.

How to support your emotions naturally

I am here for you! 


Want natural solutions and to know exactly how to use them

Want to feel excited about getting healthy

Want to know you are making the BEST choices to create a healthy home

Are overwhelmed by the constant stream of health “news”


I sell essential oils and natural health products and travel Canada and the world teaching people how to live healthier, more vibrant lives and create wildly abundant businesses they LOVE

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