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Carolyn A

I met Tara 4 years ago and was instantly impressed with her knowledge and easy going approach to life. No question was off limits and she was more than happy to share all she knew with me. She knew her oils back to front and was always researching even more ways they can really enhance people's life. She is the person who got me passionate about DIY and making non toxic products! When i moved from being a user of oils into doing doTERRA as a business she provided me with an endless amount of support and encouragement. She continues to be approachable, knowledgeable of new products and business strategies and is the leader that i aspire to be. I've been extremely blessed to work with her and also call her my friend.

Trish T

Tara is a very knowledgeable teacher and expert in heathy living. Tara has inspired me to make lasting changes in my life. Tara is supportive and empathetic to my needs. She is an inspiring coach and business leader. I am grateful to be working with Tara. She walks the talk and knows her stuff. I highly recommend working with Tara to help you get results. Apart from being gorgeous and inspirational, she is very approachable and has made me feel at ease with my challenges. 

Bri D

Wow, where to start. You care so much that you went out of your way to come to the hospital when my dad was passing away to lend me your mental health line so my family and i could have some solace in one of the hardest times we would ever have to experience in our lives - as i'm writing this i'm crying. It was the most thoughtful and caring thing anyone could have done that was selfless at the same time. doTERRA has given me the opportunity to explore healing in a different way - no drugs, just pure, safe and harm free ways. Truly a blessing! Bri D

Stephanie G

I want to thank you for introducing me to these amazing oils. From keeping my family healthy, to cleaning, to helping with sleep, or putting us in a better mood, there's an oil for that! It's wonderful to be able to do it all without the chemicals one finds in so many store-bought products. And thank you for your easygoing, friendly, helpful way of teaching about the oils. I love that i can send you a message whenever, and you reply with great suggestions and support. Also, a huge thank you for the time i had lost my voice, and you rushed over with the few rare oils i didn't have so i could make a special throat spray. 

Rita I

I have been using doTerra essential oils for six years now thanks to my friend and mentor Tara! The impact they have made on my life and my family and friends is astounding. As i look at my empty bottles of Lavender, Tea Tree, On Guard, Lemon... and many more I think back to how these oils have cured so many health issues, and how they have given me a way to wind down and relax and destress, and how, on the other end, they have helped by slide out of a grumpy space into a place of positive energy.

Anne M

OnGuard has helped keep sore throats at bay and kept me healthy the entire winter. I swear by it - at the first sign of a scratchy throat, out comes the OnGuard touch. I sleep better at night using my Lavender Touch and it works great for my grandchildren too! Diffuser is used almost daily - love Citrus Bliss, Douglas Fir and so many more. And i know keep my counters clean with my DIY OnGuard spray concoction. Deep Blue Rub for the aching muscles! So many was the oils help! I wouldn't be without them now. 

Geraldine A

I loved the smell of Holiday Joy over the Christmas season and regularly use OnGuard for ailments and Frankincense for soothing

JoAnne B

Deep Blue is my saviour... both the rub and roll on. Lavender roll on is on my nightstand and gets used every night. And all the yummy concoctions in my diffuser! Copaiba and balance are favourites too! I guess i could go on and on like everyone else... what's not to love about doTERRA oils?? Oh must mention the lip balms... gave one to a friend and she said it was the best balm she has ever used!

Nancy R

I love the new 'tool bag' i now have with the doTERRA essential oils has given me for diffusing, cleaning products, finding calm, helping with pain - my boyfriend loves the smell of all the oils and they really help him, staying well and so much more. Thank you!


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