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Get Started with Oils

It’s simple to get set up with your own Wholesale Account! And it’s the way to go (best value, I’m all about saving money!).

Let me walk you through the steps.



Select your language and country (it’s a global company so we ship to many countries!)


Choose Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. I suggest you choose Wholesale Customer first so we can get you started with the oils (of course later, you may upgrade at no charge if you are interested in partnering with me in the business).


Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in with 371436. If it’s not, do enter 371436 in both boxes so I can support you on your oil journey.


Complete your info. (If you get started as a Wholesale Customer, you will not need to enter any Tax ID or SSN/SIN. If you choose to get started as a Wellness Advocate, you will be asked to enter your Tax ID number or SSN/SIN for tax purposes. Having a Wellness Advocate account means you can earn in income.)


Next, you’ll select your kit. If you’d like to build your own kit, start typing the names of the oils/products you’d like in the box and they will appear for you to select. If you get started this way, you’ll also need to add, the $35 USD / $42 CAD doTERRA Essentials Booklet (your “membership”).

I always suggest you get started with an Enrollment Kit which actually saves you money as your $35 USD/$42 CAD fee is waived AND the kits are priced below wholesale, saving you even more $$. If you’re not sure which kit to start with, LET’S CHAT BEFORE you sign up! I’ve got some recommendations and can help you choose what will be best for you! You can’t go wrong with a Home Essentials kit of course!

Check Out The Canadian Kits Check Out The American Kits


Once you have finished shopping and adding what you want to start with, your items will be in your shopping cart.

Before you can pay for your order, you need to view your totals and any shipping charges . Click the VIEW TOTALS button.

Confirm or modify your billing address, add your payment details and then click the PROCESS ORDER NOW & CONTINUE button.

A screen confirming that your order has been processed will appear.


You’re done! WELCOME to the doTERRA family!

I look forward to connecting, and supporting you on your oils journey! You’re all set! Pretty simple. You now have your own account and your oils will be on their way shortly. They will change your life, like they have mine! You’ll receive a welcome email from me, and access to all of my optional educational groups and programs in the next 24 hours.

Join Now


doTERRA will send you an email containing your ID and instructions on how to access your account and doTERRA will ship your order to you.

Still feel like you need a bit more info before you are ready to get started? I totally get it. If you do not already have a wholesale account, and would like to book a call with me please click this button below. I’d be happy to answer your questions

Contact Me

What’s Next? Your next order? Let’s do it together with doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP): LRP is the smartest way to purchase your oils and the way I order my oils monthly.


I’m so glad you asked! The program is amazing. The best rewards program I have ever encountered (and have used for 5 years!). It is a flexible, optional, monthly program that actually rewards you for placing regular orders. You can change your order each month (I always order something different!). It also saves me driving all over town to get my healthy products for my skin, hair, supplements, oils and much more! Easy!

When you join my doTERRA team you get:

Access to wholesale pricing (25% discount)

Option to join doTERRA’s Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), which I did to build my collection, and keep my faves stocked up! And hear amazing rewards! But this is entirely optional!

Eligibility to receive doTERRA FREE Product of the Month.

Option to join my educational groups and online education. This community is SO supportive, FUN and a source of constant inspiration! I am always learning new things from this group!

Our team also run monthly Oil Camps which enable you to really get to know the oils and their endless amazing uses. 🙂 It’s a free 2 week essential oil education program, that works through the top 10 oils. It only requires 15 minutes a day and is interactive, informative, and full of GIVEAWAYS! It’s a lot of fun and really helpful for knowing how to get the most out of the oils.

Endless support, encouragement and inspiration!

And remember, there is no obligation to purchase monthly or to sell the oils. If you discover that you LOVE the oils and want to share them with friends and family, you have the option to build your own doTERRA Business with me as your partner.


I sell essential oils and natural health products and travel Canada and the world teaching people how to live healthier, more vibrant lives and create wildly abundant businesses they LOVE

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