Last family pic on Maui

Last family pic on Maui

After months of waiting, we finally made the move to our new home on the Big Island of Hawaii…guess this means I’m not TaraOnMaui anymore.  Better come up with a new web domain fast!

We have bid farewell to endless summer that we have enjoyed for the past 10 years, to move to wetter wilder weather which we are so excited about.

We will be:

  • growing our own food,

    A sneak peek of what we'll be up to...

    A sneak peek of what we’ll be up to…

  • building tree forts,
  • taking long walks on country roads to visit the cows in our neighborhood,
  • playing board games (perfect when it rains!),
  • taking our dogs on hiking adventures,
  • making our own non-toxic toiletries (you should see the list my daughter has made!)
  • working towards having a stand at the farms market, and the list goes on.

Back to my story about our unconventional journey here, we had to figure out how to transport 4 cats and 4 dogs, one of which is HUGE and newly adopted last week…yes I know, did I really need to add another animal to the mix 2 weeks before moving?!?! There was one more dog that HAD to be rescued before we left Maui.

Kennels in Truck

Truck loaded and off to the airport

We had a pilot lined up with his own plane, but the adoption of the big dog messed that up.  Oops!  Plus, he couldn’t fit more than one passenger.  Next….I called companies with helicopters, sightseeing companies and finally found a small local airline, Mokulele, that was the PERFECT fit.  The plane would just fit the four of us, 4 dogs and 4 cats plus 7 pieces of baggage. And the price was right. Fewf!

It was a smooth journey considering none of these animals had ever flown or been in the car more than an hour.  With so many kennels, they had to ride in the back of a truck to get to the airport, another new experience for them.


7 kennels, check! 8 other items to check as well.

At the airport, they all had to be weighed in their kennels.  Of all the animals, only ONE was vocal.  Our smallest and youngest dog, George.  What to do???

I instinctively reached for my keychain of essential oils.  I took a drop of the Calming Blend on my finger and poked it through his kennel door.  I put a dab on his towel, a touch on the kennel door and held my finger in front of his nose.

It was a MIRACLE.  He stopped the non-stop yelping and calmed down. Ahhhhh.  I honestly couldn’t believe it worked.


Inside the plane…more like a bus

The plane was so small it felt more like we were on a bus, with just one seat on either side of the aisle and 9 seats total.  5 seats had kennels strapped in them, one cat in a bag rode on my daughter’s lap, one larger kennel sat on the floor near the back of the plane and the big dog got to ride at the back of the “bus” with my husband on a double bench seat. Lucky dog!


In my haste getting out the door, I left Maui dressed for summer and landed at 9pm to some cool, dark weather.  Fortunately, I was so pumped up about everything that I barely noticed. My wise daughter pulled out a sweater and pants to put on…isn’t she organized!



Big dog Bruce gets a seat on the plane

We are now at our new home and excited about our new adventures.  Today my children headed off to some day camps, one focusing on art and the other adventure. Meeting new friends and learning new things.


I look forward to sharing more about our adventures and tips for living a healthy, non-toxic lifestyle.


Time for me to get down to work and prepare for my teleseminar tomorrow on essential oils!  Join me at 1pm Hawaii, 4pm Pacific,

7pm Eastern!  Here’s a link to all the details:

Event: Essential Oils 101
Time: Tuesday, June 9th at 4:00pm Pacific
Phone number: (425) 440-5100
PIN Code: 977638# 

To attend the webcast, visit:

The gorgeous view. Mauna Kea is hiding behind those clouds.

One of the gorgeous views. Mauna Kea is hiding behind those clouds.



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2 Responses to Flying with 8 pets…

  1. Tom and MaryLouise Hager says:

    We are Heidi’s parents from Washington and have been to the big island several times….working on the Methodist church camp…Camp Mekokiko…mauka from Honokaa up on the NE coast….it is still under construction but now has enough “facilities” that groups can reserve and use the camp…..we will prob a ly be over next summer/fall with a work team….we will have to get the Gundred crew to come along and do you a visit!
    Best wishes on your new adventure!! Mahalo!

    • Tara says:

      Aloha Tom & MaryLouise!
      Nice to hear what you are working on here on the Big Island. That sounds amazing! Look forward to seeing you over here as well as the whole Gundred family :-)

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